National Copyright Legislation



1. Burkina Faso

Law n° 032/99/AN (22 December 1999) on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property; under the section "Textes de référence"

2. Cameroon
3. Ivory Coast
Law of de 1996 on literary and artistic property
4. Mauritius

Copyright Act 2014 of Mauritius Copyright Act 2014.pdf

5. Nigeria

Nigeria Copyright Act 2001



1. Philippines

Philippine Copyright Law. (Main Law Republic Act 8293 or the Intellectual Property Code where the law on copyright is found in Part IV)

The recent legislation is Republic Act 10372 which amended the law on copyright.

All Philippine IP laws and implementing rules/regulations

2. Japan

Copyright Law of Japan.
Original Japanese Version:
English Version:,2013_Copyright_Law_of_Japan.pdf

Agency for Cultural Affairs (Japanese authority for Copyright issues)
In Japanese
In English


3. South Korea

In Korean




1. Andorra

Copyright legislation in Catalan.

2. Armenia

3. Belgium

The Belgian copyright law of 30 June 1994 has recently been revoked and replaced by Chapter 11 of the Code of Economic Law, which (mainly) entered into force on January 1st, 2015.

An unofficial Dutch  and French  coordination of the relevant provisions of the new Code has been made by the Belgian CMOs deAuteurs (Dutch language) and Assucopie (French language), both members of Reprobel.

However, the provisions of the Code pertaining to reprography (XI. 190 and XI.235-239) will only enter into force on January 1st, 2016. At present, one still has to consult the relevant articles of the 1994 legislation in the field of reprographic reproductions (i.e. art. 22, § 1, 4° and 4°bis, and 59-61 L. 30 June 1994):

4. Czech Republic

Czech version of copyright act (first document)

English version (first document)

5. Denmark

Danish Copyright Act in Danish:

Danish Copyright act in English:

6. Finland

Here you can find the Finnish Copyright Act in Finnish:

Here you can find the Finnish Copyright Act in English:

And direct link to the Finnish Copyright Act in English:

7. France

Intellectual property Code, which you will find on the link below:

Specific article that treats of the compulsory collective management scheme for reprographic reproduction:

Article that lists the exceptions to the exclusive authors rights, including the pedagogical exception:

8. Germany

Act on Copyright and Related Rights (Copyright Act) (in English)

9. Greece

Site of the Hellenic Copyright Organization

Same in EN in corresponding order as above

10. Hungary

Hungarian Copyright Act LXXVI of 1999 in Hungarian (Szerzői Jogi Törvény)

Hungarian Copyright Act LXXVI of 1999 in English

11. Iceland

Copyright legislation (in icelandic)

The english version

12. Ireland

Copyright & Related Rights Act, 2000

13. Luxembourg

14. Netherlands

Dutch Copyright Act (in Dutch) from the official government website:

English translation of the Dutch Copyright Act, and more translated Dutch copyright legislation, can be found here:

15. Norway

In Norwegian

Link to the copyright act itself (link from above page);

In English


16. Poland

Polish Copyright Act

Polish version:

English version:

And French:

Links to the Polish Copyright Law (Law No. 83 of February 4, 1994 on Copyright and Neighboring Rights (as last amended on October 21, 2010)):

1) in Polish, in .pdf format  – on the official website of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (Ustawa z dnia 4 lutego 1994 r. o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych), along with all the Minister’s regulations adopted pursuant to the Law:

2) in English and in French, in .pdf format – on the WIPO website:

17. Portugal

Copyright legislation

Law 62/98

Law 50/2004

18. Romania

Copyright Law no. 8/1996
The first link is to the text of the law in Romanian, while the second link from the top contains the English translation.

19. Russia

Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property website (Copyright legislation):

Russian Civil Code part 4








20. Serbia

Serbian copyright legislation:

21. Slovakia

Zákon č. 618/2003 Z.z. o autorskom práve a právach súvisiacich s autorským právom (autorský zákon) and in English translation - Act no 618/2003 Coll. on copyright and rights related to copyright (Copyright Act).

After opening the above link you have to click to the following part to open the relevant legislation:

Autorské právo a práva súvisiace s autorským právom

Zákon č. 618/2003 Z. z. o autorskom práve a právach súvisiacich s autorským právom (autorský zákon) v znení neskorších predpisov(pdf, 241 kB)


English can be found under Copyright and rights related to copyright

22. Spain

English translation of the current Spanish Intellectual Property Act:

Current Spanish version:

On February 14th, the Spanish Government approved a bill to amend the law of intellectual property. The bill is currently in its parliamentary phase. You can find the last draft here (amendments are pending).

23. Sweden

24. Switzerland

German version

French version

Italian version

English version

25. Turkey

Turkish copyright law (Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works – LoIAW);

Official Turkish version

YAYBIR website

In English

26. United Kingdom

UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act

The 2014 amendments can be found here:



27. Argentina

Law 11723

Law 25446

Decree 41233/34 Regulatory Law 11723 233.htm

Decree Law 1224/58 National Arts Fund. Paying Public Domain

28. Brazil

Copyright Law – Law 9.610, 19/02/1998

Software Law – Law 9.609, 19/02/1998

Public actions concerning the book in Brazil – Lei 10.753, 25/10/2003


Legislation on authors and copyright is available under the section "Normatividad y jurisprudencia".

30. Jamaica

Copyright Act

Existing Copyright Regulations

31. Mexico

Federal Copyright Law:

Energetic Reform:

32. Peru

Law 28571 – that modifies articles 188-189 of the Decree 822

Law that modifies articles 188º Y 189º of the Legislative Decree Nº 822, Copyright Law

Regulation of the National Register of Copyright and Related Rights

Legislative Decree 822 on Copyright

Law 28571 – that modifies articles 188-189 of the Decree 822

Law that modifies articles 188º Y 189º of the Legislative Decree Nº 822, Copyright Law

Regulation of the National Register of Copyright and Related Rights

33. Venezuela

Copyright Act (Ley del derecho de autor) of Venezuela, from the website of Autonomous Service of Intellectual Property (SAPI)


34. Canada

In English

In French

35. United States

US Copyright Act      

Copyright Office’s own general administrative regulations (fees, paperwork, etc.

New draft of the ‘Compendium of Practices” recently released for public comment



36. Australia

Australian Copyright Act at or

Australian Copyright Council -

37. New Zealand